I am a Client/Professor

Since our inception, our members have been striving to apply their skills in Artificial Intelligence to help solve the real problems in communities around us. Our student teams work with nonprofits, researchers, and community leaders on semester-long projects to ensure that new advancements in AI are used for social good. At the moment, our projects are primarily centered around machine learning, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on leveraging large amounts of data to build statistical models that are able to generate insights and predictions that traditional software can’t.

I am a Sponsor

The support of alumni, corporations, foundations, and individuals makes a real difference to the organization and our ability to make an impact.


How can I support AI for social good?

The primary method of support for CAIS++ through sponsorship with the organization. However, there are many other non-monetary ways to support CAIS++. Each semester, we present an end of semester ShowCAIS to present our most recent work. Learn more about attending ShowCAIS on our instagram. We are also the student branch of the USC Center of AI for Social Good (CAIS), which continues to produce innovative research.

I work in AI technologies. How can I speak to CAIS++?

We are always looking for speakers in industry and research to talk about how AI impacts the real world. Reach out to us at to arrange a speaker event with CAIS++.

Something is wrong or missing. How can I request an update to the ... page?

This site is pretty new, and there are bound to be some mistakes and gaps in information! Whether you are an alumni requesting an update to a prior project or your information, or simply have general advice for curriculum recommendations, please fill out our website update request form.

If there are any outstanding questions, feel free to email us at We will do our best to get back to you shortly.