Since our inception, our members have been striving to apply their skills in Artificial Intelligence to help solve the real problems in communities around us. Our student teams work with nonprofits, researchers, and community leaders on semester-long projects to ensure that new advancements in AI are used for social good. At the moment, our projects are primarily centered around machine learning, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on leveraging large amounts of data to build statistical models that are able to generate insights and predictions that traditional software can’t.

A few successes from our past projects: A subset of our projects develop into publications: If you’ve got an interesting problem that you think machine learning could help tackle (and a dataset to go with it!), feel free to reach out to us at caisplus@usc.edu or fill out the form via the button below—we’ll be in touch.


What is the application timeline?

We actively recruit new projects on a rolling basis, though we only start new projects at the beginning of each semester. Advisors or clients who wish to partner with us should let us know by early June for fall projects and early October for spring projects.

How long do projects last?

Contingent on the project goals and client availability, we can continue projects across many semesters. However, we do not obligate our members to work past a single term.

How frequent is communication?

While our members can take a specific challenge and run with it, we require that our clients make themselves available for further contact throughout the course of a project. Regular in-person meetings aren’t necessary, but if there is a specific deliverable or the project is especially challenging, we recommend weekly check-ins.

How can I learn more?

Each semester, we present an end of semester ShowCAIS to present our most recent work. Learn more about attending ShowCAIS on our instagram. We are also the student branch of the USC Center of AI for Social Good (CAIS), which continues to produce innovative research.

If there are any outstanding questions, feel free to email us at caisplus@usc.edu. We will do our best to get back to you shortly.