Using artificial intelligence
to benefit society at large

CAIS++ (pronounced "case plus plus") is a USC Viterbi-affiliated undergraduate student organization that serves as the student branch of the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS). In brief, our students work to promote the development of AI applications for social good.

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Promoting Research
that matters

We believe that artificial Intelligence can and should be used to help solve society's grand challenges, especially where traditional techniques have come short.

Productive Discourse

Often left out of the discussion surrounding AI is the idea that AI can be used as a force for good. We think that this positive potential deserves a place in the AI discussion.

AI Accessible

We feel that it is essential to educate people about the principles behind AI now, so that we can make educated technological decisions in the future.

What we do

CAIS++ provides involvement opportunities for engineering majors and non-engineering majors alike.

  • Educate

    Each semester, a new cohort of members are walked through an introductory AI curriculum, complete with online lessons and in-person coding workshops.

  • Develop

    Members who are familiar with AI basics or have gone through our curriculum are placed into teams to apply their skills to help solve real world problems.

  • Reach Out

    In addition to member activities, CAIS++ hosts a variety of public events designed to demystify AI and to empower and inspire students to use AI for social good.

  • Inform

    By inviting speakers from both academia and industry, we hope to shed light on ways in which AI can be (and already has been) used to benefit society.

Fall 2021 Applications have closed.

We will be accepting applications for our Fall 2022 cohort in August 2022. Check back for more info around that time!